EDN: bu adapt on-site and remotely

Health students, the BUs adapt on-site and remotely:

Before summer

June 24 to July 19 :

Borrow as many documents as you like, in unlimited quantities, for the whole summer. Return of documents: from September 9.

During the summer

July 20 to August 25 :

  • Review NDAs over the summer:

> S-ECN: practice progressive files and isolated questions

> ClinicalKey Education Medical: access medical colleges
ENT > Libraries > Databases

  • Need help accessing the doc?
    ENT > Ubib

Rooms to work in at the Faculté Médecine Montpellier and Nîmes campuses will be made available to you.

After the summer

From August 26 :

BUs reopen

Open until 10.30pm from September 9 at BU Médecine UPM and BU Médecine Nîmes.