Culture in the UM University Libraries

The mission of the shared documentation service is to help promote and implement the University's cultural policy, for the benefit of all publics.

Its action is embodied, within its libraries, in a varied program of events, both national and local, aimed at disseminating artistic and contemporary culture as well as scientific culture: exhibitions, conferences, debates, screenings, installations, performances...

This program, which helps to animate campuses and raise the profile of the institution in the region, is developed in close collaboration with the University's cultural services and its institutional and associative partners. It also welcomes and supports student initiatives, as well as staff, teachers and researchers, with the aim of promoting the creativity of those involved and the public mediation of the University's resources and productions.

Projects submitted to the department are examined, selected and evaluated in the light of these objectives. Their feasibility and the conditions for their implementation are also assessed in the light of reception capacities, library operating constraints and available resources.

Art and culture at the University
Scientific Culture at the University